Dear Customers!

In case of faults that fall under varrancy, claims about quality of product please message us at and our managers will contact you.

If the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made to credit card with which the payment was made. The money will be back at your card within 3-30 days after the refund is made by Seller.

Dear Customers, to avoid misunderstanding please closely study the product after receiving, as the claims about the appearance and equipment of the product can be made only with 1 day after receiving the product. Claims about appearance and equipment made after this term aren’t accepted.

Customer actions after finding the fault in the product:

Send an e-mail to after that our technicans will contact you.

If the product was damaged while transportation – it will be exchanged, if it is damaged in use – we’ll help you to repair it or exchange it – if it’s still in marketable condition. If product was made as custom order it can’t be returned, it’s still can be repaired by us or we’ll advice you how to make a repair. For every product or group of products there are certain Operation and Maintenance Rules and detailed description of varranty cases.
In case of return – refund will be made to the payment source. If you pay by credit card the refund will be made to this card, be careful in case you made payment by mistake – please contact your manager. If payment was made by bank transfer – refund will be made to the bank account it has been made with.

We provide return service of the purchased product under the following conditions:

The product should have a perfect appearance (no visible signs of use).
The buyer assumes shipping costs associated with the delivery and return of the product.
The buyer shall bear the costs related to commissions stores and payment systems (the amount depends on the payment option – you should contact a manager) and customs duties.
The product is in mass production and was not custom-designed.

In all other cases, we provide a replacement for an identical or similar product.