In order to make a purchase on our shop follow these steps :

  1. Choose an item you want to buy, choose the quantity and press the button “ADD TO CART”

    2. Then you can choose another item and go to ordering

    3. To place an order access your cart

    4. Fill in your personal data( name, surname, phone number and shipping address)

    5. On the bases of your address the shop will offer you available shipping options, their cost and details. You should choose the one suitable for you.

    6. Then you’ll be headed to the page where you can choose the payment method. At the moment we choose the payment via bank transfer or via credit card. Choose suitable for you method and read all the legal document of our store. To finish your purchase you have to accept the shop rules. And push the button “Pay”

    7. If the entire procedure is performed correctly, you’ll get a confirmation letter to your mail with its detailed description. If you’ve made a mistake or filled in invalid data ? the shop will point to them and you’ll be able to correct the mistakes.

    8. As soon as the payment is received the status of your order will be changed to “Paid” and will be ready for shipping. You’ll receive a mailing letter with all the details.

    9. As soon as your order is shipped the status of your order will be changed to “Shipped”, you’ll automatically get the detailed email.

    10. The shop will be automatically checking your tracking number and as soon as your order is delivered you’ll get a notification about the delivery.

    11. All your further orders can be checked in your personal cabinet.

    12. If any questions about your order arise, please contact us any convenient way for you.

    13. At the moment we can accept payments via credit cards automatically. When you push the button “Pay” the status of your order will be changed to “Awaiting payment”. We’ll send you an email with all the data of your payment. When you receive the letter please check all the details and push the button “Pay”. These data will be sent to the secured page of payment authorization. Then you’ll fill in the data of your credit card and finish your purchase. This page is fully secured. Your data will be secured and not saved by us or processing company. Pay your attention your payment can be secured by 3D-secure option, so carefully follow all the steps of the payment. When the payment is completed you’ll be headed to the shop page. An email will be sent to you about the change of the status of your order.

    14. Payment via credit card are made via electronic payments system. Payment page system meets all the requirements of data security (PCI DSS Level 1) . All sensitive data is encrypted and most resistant to cracking.

    15. After your order is placed and paid it can’t be canceled or your money refunded with the exception of circumstances regulate by laws of the Republic of Belarus.

After following the link you go to the secured page of processing system where you can see the number of your order and amount of the payment. For payment fill in your credit card data and confirm payment pushing the button “Pay”

If your card is secured by 3D- secure option you’ll be offered to pass the standard five-minute cardholder verification procedure on your bank site.
After the payment is finished our manager will contact you for checking the shipping details. After pushing the button “Pay” you’ll see the following message which confirms your payment.

In the case of the erroneous entry system will say where you’ve made a mistake.
We pay your attention to the fact that when the payment is finished you’ll receive an email for payment confirmation. Please save your payment data.