We are Fajno Design team. In our language, ‘Fajno’ means “nice”, “beautiful” or “cool”. We’ve heard this word after we had made our first product. And we plan to never stop surprising you with new ideas!

Products by Fajno Design are playful. Bring one to your house and you will receive an endless source of joy and inspiration. Our items capture the imagination and draw the attention. Your kids will love them in their rooms and your friends will definitely notice these unusual things in your stylish housing. By combining craftsmanship and industrial production we get the objects that are professionally designed and produced but yet keep the charm, coziness, and atmosphere of artisan pieces.

We produce our things locally. Therefore we guarantee, that the wood we use is natural and safe for the environment, the glass is securely cut and the item is properly handled. We manually check the quality of each item before we send it to you. We bring brightness to your home. We do it Fajno!