Wall clock made of wood “Around the Moon in 60 Minutes”


Wall clock made of wood “Around the Moon in 60 Minutes”


Wall clock ‘Around the Moon in 60 Minutes’ is a small copy of the brightest night lighting. Their craters repeat the pattern of those on the Moon itself. The surface your home-moon is decorated with wood grain of the solid oak. The red arrows contrast the surface just enough to measure time, but not to interfere with steadiness and peace brought by this accessory.

In the era of smartphones people still wear watches. Out-of-time accessories help us to stay connected with the past. They bring the kinesthetic joy of dealing with natural materials in digitalized world. We created this timepiece to make your home a place where time flows slightly different.

Designers: Tsaruk & Ahmadova

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The full moon is the brightest object of the night sky and we now give you a chance to have your personal one on your wall. Small spaceship is turning around your moon in just 60 minutes and helps you to count the time till your flights to your job, hobbies or bedtime. Or lets you simply gaze upon craters which are located exactly as they are at the big brother of your moon.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 2 cm
Color of arrows

Black arrows, Red arrows


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