Branch chair


Branch chair


The chair that has grown up branches from its own backrest is a new concept created by Fajno Design

This work was inspired by pop-up books for children. You open up the page and miraculous castles and wonderful cities grow right in front of you. Just like in those books our chair opens up with a bunch of true branches.

Together with pine trees pattern on the seat, they create a full impression of the forest in your house. Seems like the very next moment a squirrel will climb up the branches with the pinecone in its paws.

Bionic forms seem to continue the life of the tree in human’s house. Branch Chair can serve as a perfect hanger, for those who always keep their clothes on the chair. Put a lamp on it and your room will blossom with surrealistic shadows. If some of the branches are broken or tied with the belt of your favorite bag, they will only benefit, because anything can happen in a forest. You can even have fun tying it with colorful ribbons or painting as you wish.

This chair is not a claim of functionality and minimalism.  But it tunes up the whole interior.

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Fajno-chairs not only change their form and color. This spring, they have released buds and grown their own branches to meet the sunshine. This is the way the wood lives its life in your apartment. Pattern with pine branches supports the bionic form of the chair to create an impression of true forest. In a moment, a squirrel with a pinecone will climb the pine and a moose will heavily tread the scene.


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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 75 x 65 x 82 cm


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