We are Fajno Design* [‘Faīno dɪˈzaɪn] team. In Belarusian (as well as Ukrainian and Polish languages), Fajno means ‘nice’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cool’. We’ve heard those words after we had first published our works. We plan to continue surprising you with every design possible.

We believe that the most valuable thing that a designer can do is to capture and embody the magic of our world into the designs. In our store, you’ll find new our long awaited Marina’s Birds and new designs like ‘Ufologic Vase’, wall clock ‘Around the Moon in 60 Minutes’ and ‘Branch Chair’.

Our objects are the hypertrophied idea. We’re taking it from the world around us, cut the unnecessary, leave the essentials. And the idea becomes an ironic, funny, uber-stylized design.

Products by Fajno Design are playful. They kindle the imagination and draw the attention. Your kids will love them in their rooms and your friends will definitely notice these peculiar things in your stylish monochrome Scandinavian style housing.